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Brushed Cotton/Flannel Pyjamas

Brushed cotton pyjamas are sometimes thought of as an old fashioned item, but we know they remain a favourite and our selection here possess all the tradtional features of providing comfort and warmth. We find many people still love this feeling for their nightwear and so we endeavour to stock as many designs of these mens pyjamas as we can.

They are available in a modern elastic waist style and also in a traditional drawstring tie waist (with no elastic at all) and they have proved to be one of our best selling items of nightwear. You can make your search for either waist style easier by using the waistband filter on the left.

Sleep soundly and in comforting warmth - P.S. We even have nightcaps available to match some designs.

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  • Blue Tie Waist Cotton Pyjamas from Derek Rose

    Blue Tie Waist Cotton Pyjamas from Derek Rose

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