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Welcome to our nightwear selection, here you can find a vast choice of all types of high-quality nightwear.

We have a huge selection of men's pyjamas, both in the drawcord tie waist style and in the elasticated waist style, and available in a range of sizes from Small to XL in some designs. There are cosy tartan pyjamas and subtle stripe pyjamas and not just for men - we do have ladies pyjamas too!

We also stock a fantastic range of men's nightshirts in both over the head and open front styles, a comfortable and practical alternative to pyjamas, they can be especially useful for hospital stays where pyjamas may be impractical. 

Why not take a look at our beautiful dressing gowns, we have everything from luxury heavyweight velour gowns to lovely lightweight cottons and polyesters in traditional and eye-catching colours and designs - and last but not least - we even have a collection of nightcaps in designs to match many of our nightwear items.

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  • Henry John Red and Blue Stripe Velour Gown from Lloyd Attree & Smith

    Henry John Red and Blue Stripe Velour Gown from Lloyd Attree & Smith

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