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Mens Dressing Gowns

The heritage of the dressing gown can be dated back all the way through to the 17th century when they were then known as Banyans. Introduced by merchants trading in Middle Eastern and Asian countries; they quickly became popular with the higher classes and aristocracy as very early loungewear.

These days they are used in very much the same way, allowing the wearer to relax in luxurious comfort. So, whether you’re looking to mix and match with a pair of luxury men's pyjamas or adding to a more sophisticated look with a men's nightshirt, we’re sure that we can provide everything you need to keep warm and look fantastic all through those colder months.

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  • Regal. Blue Check Lightweight Easycare Gown from Champion

    Regal. Blue Check Lightweight Easycare Gown from Champion

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