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Polo Shirts

The Polo Shirt is an iconic item of clothing believed to have been designed in the 1920's  by a Frenchman named Rene Lacoste, who was a champion Tennis player of the time.

Lacoste found the traditional tennis attire restrictive and uncomfortable and he set about designing a more practical item, the garment he developed was a white, short sleeve, loosely knitted pique cotton shirt with a flat collar a button placket and slightly longer tail.

At this time Polo was also a very popular sport and players all wore thick uncomfortable woven cotton shirts, so when they discovered Lacostes design they readily adopted it - and it became so dominant in the sport of Polo that Tennis players began calling their shirts 'Polo Shirts' even though they were first to wear them.

Today we still associate the Polo Shirt with sport and many Golfers now wear them because they are a comfortable and unrestrictive shirt that still maintains a classic smart appearance.


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