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Striped Shirts

Wow look at all these mens striped shirts!

We have a fantastic range of colours and stripes from fine stripes to bold bright stripes and everything inbetween, so you can find someting to match almost anything.

A striped shirt has a quality that enables it to be both smart and traditional when worn with a tie and has the additional benefit of matching several different colours of ties giving it a new and fresh look with each one, great for the office. The same shirt can also be a casual and colourful addition to your leisure wardrobe, often worn open necked with a pair of jeans or chinos for a lazy sunday afternoon look.

Either way we are sure you'll love the great choices available from great brands on this page.

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  • Green Stripe Cotton Grandad Shirt From Magee
    • Made In Ireland

    Green Stripe Cotton Grandad Shirt From Magee

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