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Viyella Shirts

A range of fine country shirts from the traditional shirt maker Viyella.

Viyella Shirts are made from the oldest British trademarked fabric with lovely quality and classic checks. This range includes the supersoft 100% Cotton Viyella Shirts, the famously warm and comfortable 80% Cotton 20% Merino wool shirts - as well as 100% Cotton and short sleeved ranges for when the weather allows. Viyella shirts, the choice of the real countryman.

We are pleased to announce that to celebrate 125 Years of Viyella they have brought back a Limited Edition collection of their original 55% wool 45% cotton shirt - A true Original!

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  • Plum Mini Tatersall Cotton and Wool Viyella Shirt

    Plum Mini Tatersall Cotton and Wool Viyella Shirt

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