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Mens Socks

We have a huge range of Mens socks from all of the UK's leading suppliers of socks. Cotton Socks are ideal for day to day comfort and freshness and ideal to wear with formal shoes, or choose a thicker gauge cotton leisure socks for a more casual look. Wool Socks are warmer but the finer gauge wool socks are as fine as cotton socks but perhaps a little thicker with all the natural wicking properties of cotton.

Silk Socks or Nylon Socks are ideal for evening dress or if a more sheer apearance is required.

Cashmere Socks are the ultimate luxury, being ultra soft, warm and cosy and making the most decadent of presents especially at Christmas.

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  • Cream-swatch
    • Made In The UK
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    Pantherella Socks - Sports Range - Spark - Mens - Stripe - Cotton Blend - Cushioned Sole Ankle Sock

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