Sea Island Cotton Socks

Pantherella Mens Sea Island Cotton Socks are pure luxury - all made from the finest cotton combined with years of experience - this beautiful cotton has a reputation for being as strong as silk, as soft as cashmere and as durable as wool. The raw material has the longest and finest cotton staple available which gives a beautiful smooth and silky finish.

The techniques developed by Pantherella create high quality socks with a smooth seam finish giving you ultimate comfort when you wear them and the exclusive Sea Island Cotton is soft and cool on the skin whilst also being incredibly durable, perfect daily luxury for your feet.

Pantherella are the only producers of Genuine Sea Island Cotton Socks in the World today and all their products carry the WISICA hologram of authenticity showing that they are made with Genuine West Indian Sea Island Cotton - which is only cultivated in the perfect conditions of the British West Indies and is rigorously certified by The West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association (WISICA)

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