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Moleskin Waistcoats

Moleskin is a cotton fabric with no moleskin content whatsoever! It earns the name due to the soft luxurious texture which is considered comparable to the feel of one of these lovely little creatures.

It is actually created by using two layers of heavy cotton which is woven together with a tight weave. The top layer of the fabric is then shorn away leaving the weave betwen the two layers exposed, this is then is brushed to create a soft nap giving it an almost velvety texture as soft as a moles skin - hence the name moleskin.

These beautiful quality waistcoats show this fabric at its best and will provide a warm smart and timeless addition to your wardrobe.

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  • Ruby-swatch

    Bracken - Moleskin Wasitcoat with Collar from Harvey Parker

  • Mushroom-swatch

    Cobham - Moleskin Wasitcoat from Harvey Parker

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